Being (ze)Bold

Artist Statement

I believe that art can stimulate and add to the human experience whether it is a grand statement or an intriguing subtle surprise. Drawing has been a passion of mine from my earliest years. Growing up in Seattle, Washington with parents that were involved in the Arts and Sciences I feel fortunate.

Of all the media I have explored, steel has offered an exciting range of shapes and surfaces to draw on. Often I use reclaimed and recycled material from scrap yards but for Public Sculpture I use Corten or Weathering steel for it’s archival properties. The chalkiness of the welder’s soapstone pencil I use lends itself to drawings that are added, subtracted, broken, and blended on the steel forms. In an effort to capture the organic free associative tapestry of drawings I began hand cutting them out of the rugged yet yielding steel with an oxy-acetylene torch. Years ago I purchased a plasma cutter which allows me to make sculpture out of stainless steel and bronze. The process of rendering the drawings became a natural springboard into sculpture, with all its powerful sensibilities of dimensional touch, scale, light and shadow. The drawings become sculpture and the sculptural forms inspire drawings.

I generally approach making art in a serious and yet playful way. With site-specific Public Art work I am interested in tapping into the locations history and culture. I’m happy to meet with community members. I research the history of the location including museum archives, reading blogs and you tube videos, which gives me a sense the place and it’s people. Over the last decade I have had the good fortune to be awarded several commission that have engaged me to work with Government committees, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, installation crews and of course Insurance agents. There have been a few challenging moments but I feel blessed that everyone that I’ve worked with showed up on time got the job done and were great to work with.